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DARE’s Affiliate Referral Program is designed for People and Influencers looking to increasing their revenue streams.


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DARE’s Affiliate referral program is an online tool that allows Influencers and Users (“Affiliates”) to refer Candidate Job Seekers (“Candidates”). The term “Candidate” will refer to users that are referred directly from the Affiliates that are registered and succesfully confirmed.

The term “Employer” will refer to a company that is interested in hiring the Candidates referred from our Affiliate.

Users and Influencers who wish to become DARE’s Affiliates, can apply to enter a DARE Affiliate List of “Affiliates” called (“List”).

Not all users who apply to DARE’s Affiliate referral program will be accepted into the program as Affiliates. However, all users and influencers who apply to DARE’s Affiliate referral program but are not accepted into the program will remain within the DARE Recruitment database. If DARE chooses a User to participate in DARE’s Affiliate referral program, they are placed into the List and they will remain in the List for such a time as determined by DARE.

Employers may choose to interview Candidates referred by our Affiliates and conduct a hiring process with such Candidate if they wish. If the Candidate referred by the Affiliate, after the selection is completed, will be hired by the Employer, the Affiliate will receive a “Candidate Referral Compensarion” deposited directly in the E-wallet on the Affiliate’s integrated Account Page (“Affiliate Dashboard”).

In order to start referring Candidates as an Affiliate you must complete the pop-up form that will appear after clicking any of the “BECOME A PARTNER” button located on the page. No registration is required for submitting the form.

When applying to DARE’s Affiliate referral program, we may require you to provide us with certain information including, but not limited to, your name, email address, phone number, social presence (number of followers and platform) and geographic location.

We will use the information that you provide us during the application process to determine whether you will be accepted into DARE’s Affiliate referral program. We may use a third party vendor to help us review your application. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to accept or reject your application to use DARE Affiliate referral program.

If you are accepted into DARE Affiliate referral program, we will notify you via email. Once you have been accepted, a member of the DARE Recruitment Talent Team (“Talent Consultant”) may reach out to via the email address or phone number you provided, and work with you to finalize your Affiliate profile. The Talent Consultant may continue to work with you throughout your time with DARE’s Affiliate referral program.

If you are not accepted into DARE’s Affiliate referral program, you will also be notified via email and your profile will remain within the DARE Recruitment database as a non-searchable profile (“Private Affiliate Profile”).

After an Affiliate’s application has been accepted by DARE Recruitment, the Affiliate will be able to utilize the online tool in order to refer the Candidates. Once an Employer has received an Affiliate’s referred candidate via DARE Recruitment, the Employer may make the contact with the Candidate. 

No contractual obligations are created for either the Candidate or the Employer. The Candidate is not obligated to accept any offer provided to a Candidate from an Employer that contacts them. 

If the Employer can establish that it was in Negotiation with regards to hiring with the Candidate prior to the Affiliate’s referral, the Employer may be exempted from paying the Fee.

“Negotiation” shall mean at least one direct email sent out by both parties, Candidate and Employer, specifically to the other and not sent as part of a mass emailing, for the purpose of recruiting or hiring, and where no final decision to hire or reject a Candidate or to accept or reject the Employer has been made. 

Affiliates and Candidates are solely responsible for the information provided in any resume or profile, any requests for interviews or offers made, any issues arising from an acceptance or denial of employment, and any other issues arising.

DARE Recruitment will offer a “Candidate Referral Compensation” in the form of a 150 EURO commission to the Affiliates who refer a successful (Hired by the Emploery) Candidate. The currency and amount will be paid in the Affiliate’s E-Wallet account (visible in the Affiliate Dashboard) 35 Days after the first working day of the successful hired referred Candidate. 

In addition, DARE Recruitment will offer an extra “Candidate Referral Compensation” in the amount of 150 EUR commission to the Affiliates who refer a Candidate that has been selected, has been hired, and has worked at the Employer for at least six months. In addition, the following limitations apply:

  1. To qualify, the Candidate referred by the Affiliate must have graduated from their last school or university at least one year prior to the referral.
  2. There is a limit of 15 rewards per calendar year to any one Candidate Referrer.
  3. All payments to any Affiliate, excluding DARE Recruitment employees, are gross amounts and the Candidate Referrer will be responsible for paying all applicable taxes on the reward.
  4. This program may be cancelled at any time without notice; all referrals made prior to program cancellation will be paid in the event the above conditions are satisfied.
  5. DARE Recruitment has the right to refuse any referred candidate by the Affiliate  for any reason.
  6. No reward will be paid for any referred candidate that will leave the Empolyer in the first 35 Days of work. 
Once completed, we'll review your application. Your participation in the Affiliate Program is subject to the Affiliate Program Agreement in the FAQ Section.